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Can You Help?

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As you may know this kind of lifestyle can be very expensive and as like many other travellers Im long on time and short on money, but can you help?


^Short of money and time, sleeping in german service stations^

Do you have a spare bed/floor I can crash on? Garden I can camp in? Due to the way of travelling I have chosen a lot of the time I’m going to have to find somewhere to sleep of a night such as a hostel or hotel in the cities which can be very costly.

^I will sleep anywhere :)^

If I’m passing through your area (or nearby) and you can help me with accommodation, please let me know and Ill be forever grateful.


Can I help you to help me?

Can I work for you in exchange for petrol/food or even cash? Im keen to get some work along the way to help me get that little bit further round the world, I can turn my hand to most things so please get in contact if I can help you. Whether the job is big or small!



Now this may seem cheeky and I wouldn’t think about charging for my updates but if you would like to help me a bit further along the road then that would be great and very helpful, hit the donate button below and donate away. Thanks in advance.




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